Saying, prayers and curses

  • May the Light brighten your darkness.
  • May the Night surround you with peace.


Lunea is one of the gods of the Pantheon. She is the goddess of the moon. Her divine portfolio includes mysteries, secrets, and knowledge. Her divine partner is Solaron, God of the Sun.

Lunea’s character, origins, and relationship to Solaron fluctuates wildly amongst Pantheon believers. Some say she is a kind, benevolent spirit and that Solaron is her angry, hateful brother. Others say they are husband and wife, and the she is conniving and deceitful while Solaron is honest and trusting. There has been no clear consensus on these matters amongst Pantheon scholars.

Clerics who choose Lunea as their patron (or matron, in this case) are often referred to as Clerics of the Moon or moonpriests.

Recently, it has been discovered that Lunea still exists in the Realm; however, she is trapped in the mortal form of a red panda. Moonpriests believe that Lunea may have been visiting the Realm in mortal form when the zombie apocalypse came and is now trapped in the Realm by the same forces that have caused the gods to leave. The implications of this discovery are significant: if Lunea is trapped here, according to the scholars, then perhaps it is not the gods who have left. Perhaps, somehow, the gods have been cut off from the Realm by some insidious force, the same force that may be causing the zombie apocalypse. Lunea is currently under the protection of Lorena, High Cleric of the Pantheon and current head of the Divinity School within the Falcon Rising Academy of Heroes. Lunea’s existence is a closely-guarded secret, because while she is trapped in a mortal form she is vulnerable and can be killed.

Being trapped as an animal, Lunea is unable to communicate with Lorena or anyone else. All attempts at using basic speak with animals spells has proven ineffective. Although she is incapable of speech, Lunea’s mere presence in the Realm appears to be sufficient to continue to fuel the divine magic of moonpriests. Currently, clerics of the moon are the only clerics still capable of channeling diving energy.

Lorena believes the only way to communicate with Lunea is through use of the Voice of the Gods, a powerful Pantheon artifact that was in the Grand Cathedral in Sovereign City. A party of Academy graduates has been sent to Sovereign City to recover the artifact. Until they return, Lorena and the others protect Lunea with their lives.


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