“First, there was the Age of Exploration, when everything was wondrous and new.
“Then came the Age of Magic, when the Wizards rose and the temples to the Pantheon were built.”
“Then came the Age of Strife, when the barbarians and the orcs came, and everything burned, and many died on the fields of battle.”
“Then came the longest age, the greatest age, the Age of Prosperity, when the King rebuilt the City Sovereign, eased the suffering of the impoverished, and brought peace to the realm.”
And then, They came. From beneath the ground. From the slums of Port Town and the fields of Sparrowridge. What was dead became undead, and the undead hungered for more, and They came for us all.
“If this is not the Final Age, then it is most certainly the Darkest…"

-Noel Atticus, scholar of the Word
“The Great Ages of the Realm”

Welcome to the Darkest Age, a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.