The sewers of Sovereign City have long been a source of grief for the massive capitol. The waste created by so many people in an urban area needs swift and efficient disposal. In addition to the Realm’s general lack of advancement in infrastructure, the Underdark beneath the Realm is seething with hundreds of deadly monsters that would revel in an opportunity to strike out at the city from the tunnels below.

Although the Age of Prosperity is often remembered for its sweeping advancements to wealth and the overall quality of life of the Realm, little thought has been put into the tremendous efforts made to improve infrastructure within the city. A division of wizards from the Academy, in association with engineers from the City Works Guild, collaborated on a series of underground projects to create a safe, efficient sewer system that not only swiftly disposed of waste, but was well-fortified against subterranean beasts looking to nest in the sewers. These projects included magic traps for defense, pocket dimensions to the elemental planes to purify sewage water, and subterranean barracks so that detachments of city watchmen and contracted adventurers would have rally points to fall back on for defense, and choke points established for attack. Furthermore, a network of trap doors were built into the sewers to provide quick and easy access into the sewers to fight off monster invasions or conduct maintenence more safely and efficiently.

The problem solved, the Age of Prosperity continued to thrive on, until the zombie apocalypse. In the chaos ensuing in the streets above, the sewer system fell to neglect. A pack of wererats waiting on the outskirts of the city found the perfect opportunity to invade. Penetrating the sewers, the wererats secured the fortified locations, overpowered the suddenly-undermanned subterranean guard posts, and re-rigged the traps for use against the very people who set them up in the first place. To further solidify their claim of Sovereign City’s “under-kingdom,” wererats put their knowledge of subterranean monsters to use. Monstrous oozes, gelatinous cubes, and carrion monsters of all types were herded into the sewers and established lairs in strategic locations within the network of tunnels. The sewers of Sovereign City are now an Underdark nightmare, every bit as dangerous as the city above, and arguably moreso.

Many theorize that it will only be a matter of time before the wererats are bold enough to begin an attack upon the city. Though the zombie hordes besieging the mortal races are an active and present threat, having their numbers routed and replaced by a legion of wererats…faster, more cunning, and just as capably adding to their ranks through their spread of lycanthropy…could possibly be an even worse fate.


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